Monday, September 19, 2011

Marker Mondays - September Part III

 For September we are using the following three Copic colors and the clear blender pen
  •  R32 - Peach
  • YG21 - Anise
  • B24 - Sky Blue
  •  0 - Blender Pen
This lesson is going to be a little different (and uglier!) so I apologize in advance.  Our next lesson will be using the shimmer paper so I wanted to experiment with different techniques to show you.  The shimmer paper is so lovely--it looks like an icicle or a pearl with a beautiful sheen to it and a perfect weight.  I am using the Sugar color and it is more of an Antique White instead of hard white.  The colors of this paper are colored or printed on one side and white on the other side.

The picture below shows how I tested the memento inks.  You can use this ink on the shimmer paper but you must be very careful to not go over the lines so you don't smear it.  I recommend writing on this paper using a Copic Marker set with a superfine tip.  The Multiliner pen will take FOREVER to dry.

Memento ink will spear on the shimmer paper and the Copic Multiliner pen will take a long time to dry. 
 Below you can see where I embossed using Versafine and Black EP. It also smears and the Copic solution will dissolve the EP so I don't recommend embossing either unless you are careful not to color over the lines.

But a bonus is that the paper works wonderfully with our A Muse Studio ink if you just want to stamp.  See the Blueberry flower in the corner?  That is our ink and it looks beautiful.  Still, it will smear if you color over it with the Copics.
Embossing will also smear with the Copics.  If you want to emboss be careful to stay in the lines!
Below are my notes on the shimmer paper.  The cute Snoopy stamp is one that I got in Japan.  I stamped with Brown Memento ink and colored it very carefully so I didn't color over the lines.

 Things to remember with Shimmer Paper and Copics:
  • Shimmer Paper is BEAUTIFUL
  • Shimmer Paper is touchy
  • Memento washes off and smears
  • Copic breaks down embossing
  • Multiliner takes a long time to dry
  • Copic ink will spread differently on this paper because it does not sink into it like regular cardstock.  It lays on the surface and make pools and patterns.  (You can see this effect best if you look at the blue petals in the picture above.)

Shimmer Paper notes and swatches

Supplies Used:
  • Marvelous Marigolds Stamp Set
  • Shimmer Paper - Sugar
  • Memento Black Pad
  • Versafine
  • Black Embossing Powder
  • Multiliner
  • Black Copic Marker
  • Ink - Blueberry
  • Ink - Watermelon
  • Ink - Bubblegum
  • Copic Marker - Colorless Blender
  • Copic Marker -  R32 - Peach
  • Copic Marker - YG21 - Anise
  • Copic Marker - B24 - Sky Blue
Marvelous Marigolds

All Supplies Available from A Muse Studio

I will be holding a monthly workshop in my home in Huntington Beach, CA so let me know if you want to join me.  


Nicole K/GothamGal said...

I'm GothamGal on 2Peas. And I had no idea we were both in HB. That's too funny! Anyway, love this tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

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