Monday, December 17, 2007

Kitty needs a home!

My friend Sonja needs a home for her two cats. Her apartment doesn't allow pets and her mom is unable to take care of them anymore. Here is a photo of her cat, Oscar, isn't he gorgeous!? I'd love to have such a beautiful cat, but our vet says no cats right now because of Random's health. It would put too much strain on my poor kitty. Please email me and I can have Sonja get in touch with you if you know anyone who can have another cat!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Today is the official saint's day for St. Nicholas. If you're not Dutch you probably don't celebrate it, but it is such a fun holiday I decided to adopt it for my own [in case you're wondering, I'm Polish and English/Irish/Welsh]! On St. Nicholas Eve, he comes on his white horse and brings all the children candy and small gifts. Behind him is Black Peter bringing switches and coal for all the naughty children. Click on the button on the left to go to a site with more St. Nicholas fun and stories.

This year I got treats for all my friends at work. I printed a St. Nick ATC for everyone for fun (you can see it on the right). Some people got chocolate initials and Dutch sweets and mints. I also got some bakery items to share with everyone. You can see the mound of goodies I bought in the post below. Do you think I got enough?

I went to the Holland American Dutch Market in Bellflower on Saturday to get all the treats. It was super crowded because it was the last weekend before St. Nicholas Day. I felt so lucky because Sinterklass (St. Nicholas) was there in person to greet people and take photos. I've never seen him before, so I was very excited!

I got some Dubbel Zout (double salt) salty black licorice for myself, but I usually don't share because most people don't like that at all! It's an acquired taste and you must really like licorice to appreciate it.

Stroopwaffels are a little wafer sandwich with caramel in the middle and are so yummy! Speculaas are spice cookies; similar to delicate crispy ginger snaps. I got an extra pack for us and a pack for my mom.

I also got some imported Dutch Gouda cheese because, you know after all that candy I figured I needed some protein, ha ha! But then I only ate cheese and crackers for lunch the next day and it made my stomach hurt from all the junk. I have been snacking on all the rare treats for the whole week—a bit of cheese here, some salty licorice washed down there with a cookie and some mints for dessert. Luckily for my health, this holiday only comes once a year and I only make it to the Dutch Market every few years!

ATC is made using image from Vintage Workshop. Stitching and tag from Scrapgirls. Pointsettia from Susan Long. Font is FetteFraktur.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feasting on Dubbel Zout!

What do you think this mess is on my kitchen table? What did I do on Saturday? Who did I get to meet in person for the very first time EVER? What the heck is Dubbel Zout!? Why did my stomach hurt so bad on Sunday? All these questions and more will be answered on Thursday! Come back soon!