Sunday, June 11, 2006

A funny thing about crosswalks

(I'm sure this has been said before by someone with more wit than I have, but I'll say it again!)

We went to the pier twice this weekend and both times the same thing happened. It's the summer, so of course Huntington Beach is busy and there's tons of people. We were waiting at the crosswalk with at least 20 other people on each corner waiting to cross.

On Saturday I leaned against the light post while we were waiting and on Sunday, Matt did. Each time someone decided that they had to ask us to move so they could push the button for the light! Don't they think that one of the other One Hundred people that were waiting at one of the 4 corners would have already pushed the button!? Nope, apparently not! The light was only going to turn if they *personally* pushed the button!

Well, perhaps they were right, because the crosswalk light didn't change until Saturday's "Mr. Brilliant" and his Sunday friend, "The Button-Intimidator" pushed it! Would the light have worked without their expert intervention!? We'll never know!