Monday, March 24, 2008

268 Steps - My Motivation

Here's my latest motivation for working out! Yep--268 steps to see the giant Buddha in Hong Kong. I have to see him and oh, I hope those steps don't kill us. We are expecting 80 degree temperatures and 80% humidity! And 268 steps.

So we have been working out three times a week since January to train for this big event. I am just barely starting to see any results--I'm guessing it's because I'm in such bad shape. No, really; I'm probably the worst-shape person you know! I have asthma and have barely exercised in the last 10 years due to some health issues and problems with my feet. But I am ready to get back into shape again (I mean, some shape besides "round", LOL!)

It is hard because just doing the elliptical for a half hour makes all my muscles sore (even my back for some reason, and I don't even use the hand part of the machine) And my feet just ache and I limp the next day from it. But I am doing it anyways. At first when we started I would do it as easy as possible and not push myself at all. I have had trouble in the past with getting sick whenever I try to work out. I guess it just pushes my poor body past its last reserve. (pathetic, huh?) So I kept it easy and kept it up. I was angry at first; really angry every time we had to work out. I mean, I would feel rage about going there and I can't even explain it. I would scowl and sulk, even though it was my choice and I know I need to do this.

After about 4 weeks I stopped feeling angry and after another few weeks I don't even dread going. So after two months, that's my progress--I don't hurt *as* much and I'm not so angry. I still almost died climbing a hill in San Diego 2 weeks ago. I still have not lost even one ounce. My pants are still too tight. We walked on the beach yesterday and I still ached all over. But Matt said he noticed I was breathing a little easier on our walk and I stopped less. So progress is slim and slow but at least there is progress.

So say a prayer for me that I don't have a heart attack or pass out or something when I go to see the big Buddha on our vacation--I gotta get up there for the photo ops!