Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where have I been?

Waimea Bay, HI

I just finished a lovely vacation in Hawaii.  We gathered with a large group of my husband's family for a family vacation and celebration.  My brother in law rented a huge house right on the beach near North Shore Oahu that fit 18 of us comfortably.  We spent a lot of time at beaches, swimming, snorkeling and soaking up the sun.  Here's a little watercolor sketch I made in my art journal while we were chillin' at Waimea Bay one day.


Waimea Bay is famous for its big waves in the Winter but in the Summer is is docile and flat.  Its perfect for people like me who just want to float and relax. We put up an umbrella in the sand and took turns floating and reading in the shade.  Warm turquoise waters and pink sands are the cure for what ails the human spirit.  Tomorrow I go back to my cubicle but I will have warm memories to sustain me.