Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yes, I'm quirky!

I was reading one of the forum sites I like to keep up with and everyone was listing their quirks. I thought it would be fun to list some of mine! I hope you don't think I'm too "freaky" after reading this one! Here they are in no particular order!

1. When I get dressed in the morning, I put my left sock on, then my left shoe, then my right sock and lastly my right shoe. I guess most people put both their socks on first and then their shoes, but that just seems strange to me.

2. I knock on wood. I'm not superstitious exactly, but I'm compulsive enough to worry that something might happen if I don't! I do it when I say something super positive is going to happen or when someone mentions death.

3. When I see a doormat, I have to wipe my feet on it even if I'm on the inside going back out! Where I work there's a doormat before you get to the conference room and I have to really work hard not to wipe my feet when I'm leaving a meeting. I don't want to do that and have my coworkers think I'm nuts!

4. Speaking of work, there's 4 cubes in the middle of our lobby. To get to the conference room, most people walk straight through the cubes. I like to walk around because I feel like I'm invading someone's personal space. If I have to walk through them, I hold my breath to center myself and get courage!

5. I'm addicted to chapstick. At my last job a bunch of gals decided to break their habit by using a speical moisturizing product on their lips until they could stop using lip balm. I couldn't even stand the thought of doing that—just thinking about it made me have to stop typing and apply some right now! (ETA: I did it again when I was editing this!)

6. Sometimes I just can't stand to touch paper. Wet paper is the worst, but sometimes even dry paper creeps me out. It's kind of funny considering that my favorite hobbies are rubber stamping and scrapbooking!

7. I can't stand to leave a novel unfinished. There are only about 3-4 books I have ever not finished in my life! Even if it's bad I have to finish! (don't ask me which ones, because I can't remember, except that one was an L. Ron Hubbard Sci-Fi novel)

8. When I 'm walking I have this need to count my steps. I usually count in groups of 3-4. Sou I will count "one-two-three-four" "two-two-three-four" as I walk. I especially need to do this when I'm walking down stairs!

9. On my computer task bar, I have to always have things in the exact right order so I can click on the items in the same spot and I know where my programs are. Sometimes my outlook or another program accidently gets closed and then I have to close all my other windows just so I can re-open it in the right spot. When I do this I usually reboot since I've closed all my programs and I might as well make a clean start of it!

Well, I'm sure there's lots more I could tell you, but I really like the number "9" so I will stop here now!