Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Bathroom Story!

So what is it with me and bathrooms? I swear I have a bathroom jinx or something. I was traveling this week for work. I had to go to the restroom after I picked up my luggage. The handicapped (extra-large) stall was occupied, so I squoze myself into a regular stall, along with my laptop, briefcase, coat, and my suitcase. The problem was that somehow I got everything in there, but I couldn't open the door to get out! Yep—there I was trapped in the airport bathroom and I couldn't get the door open because my suitcase was in the way. I was jammed in the corner trying to squeeze my bag so the door would open around it. Nothing worked. Finally I had to put my suitcase on the floor and mash it down and push it under the door, inch by inch. Once it was outside the stall I could open the door and get out. Of course, my suitcase was covered in bathroom cooties, but at least I was free and I could breathe a sigh of relief as I ran to catch my shuttle!

Now just in case you're the kind of person who wonders what kind of moron wouldn't go to the bathroom first *before* they got their suitcase, I would like to assure you that I did go first, but the shuttle took so darn long that I had to go again! Sigh—travel is rough!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Copic Comparison

Here are some comparison details of Alcohol Based Markers. This information is written to the best of my knowledge. I own each of these types, so have been able to compare them at home. I have supplemented the info with research from online and brochures. Please let me know if I have made any errors.

+ Cheapest (< $25 for 12 at Dick Blick) + Sold at M's with coupon
+ 156 colors
+ Easy to use brush & fine point like SU! markers
+ Coordinates with same colors of Prismacolor Pencils

- My least favorite marker shape - too bulky to use easily
- Hard to tell which end is broad/fine
- Lids hard to remove
- Case is opaque and hard to remove lid
- Stinkier
- Less light-fast—will fade faster

Fine Tip
Chisel Tip

Copic Sketch + Ciao
+ Easy to see which end is brush/chisel
+ Nice clear plastic case
+ Easy to find at online Scrap & Stamp stores!
+ Nicely named color scheme makes it easy to choose
+ 322 Colors
+ More shades of grey
+ More light-fast

Brush Tip
Chisel Tip

Copic Sketch
+ Sets to coordinate with Stampin' Up colors (Ellen
+ Shape is flat so it won't roll
+ Color listed on top of lid
+ Holds more ink
+ Compatible with Airbrush out of box

- Most expensive (~$60 for 12)
- Harder to fit into case since they're oval
- Changing chisel to fine point is expensive

Copic Ciao
+ Cheaper (~$50 for 12)
+ Easier to hold
+ Smaller case
+ Easier to fit into case since they're round
+ Compatible with Airbrush with modification (put dimensional foam dots on can.)

- No fine point tip available

Replaceable Tip
Alcohol Ink based (can use on plastic or glass)
Acid-free when dry