Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gourmet Feast

Oh, Joy! We have been looking forward to tonight's dinner for weeks! Matt decided to sign us up for a gourmet dinner at the local Italian restaurant that we love. I've never gone to one of these fancy dinners before, so it is such a treat. And for the price, I figure it will be a very long time before I get to go again, ha ha!

I usually try to avoid the whole restaurant experience for holidays like this because I hate crowds, cold food, bad service and the whole range of things that go along with having too many people try to force a romantic time on each other on a certain day of the year. Call me a curmudgeon, but I'd rather have a thermos of soup on the beach, or stay home and have a quiet evening together and celebrate the holiday on a different day. But this menu was so tempting I can't wait for tonight! I'm going to try to eat a very light lunch so I have a good appetite for dinner.

Prosciutto Wrapped Roasted Asparagus
Topped with Parmigiano Chese
Paired with Suggested Wine
Cauliflower Soup
With Seared Scallop and Lemon Oil
Paired with Suggested Wine
Pasta Envoltini
Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese, Spinach, Parmigiano Chese, Crab Meat, and Asparagus topped in a Saffron Cream Sauce
Paired with Suggested Wine
Osso Bucco and Shrimp Scampi
Veal Shank topped with Onion, Celery, Carrots, Porcini Mushrooms in a Light Marinara Sauce with a Bed of Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Paired with Suggested Wine
String Beans and Potatoes tossed in a Vinaigrette Dressing with a Bed of Spinach
Paired with Suggested Wine
Mile High Espresso Pie
Now even though there's a few things I won't be having on this menu, I have a feeling I won't be going hungry. And five different wine courses will be plenty, so I am glad we will be walking home after this feast! I hope your Valentine's Day is lovely and enjoyable today!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Everyday is a reason to celebrate; and other ramblings from being sick

"Everyday is a reason to celebrate for we've been given another day of life." A friend of mine posted that on her Blog. For some reason that gave me such a feeling of calm and comfort this morning as I was reading my email and checking my favorite blogs. Another blogger suggested a listen to the band, DeVotchKa which I did and promptly added to my Amazon list. I love hearing such passionate, rythmic music and it really fit in with my mood this morning. The last album I bought on a whim was Assemblage 23 and I really got into that one and listened to it every day for months in my car.

After having an amazing week of crafting and getting to go to the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show and feeling such joy and inspiration a couple of weeks ago, I promptly got sick. I'm prone to pick up every little bug anyways, but I think I just overdid it and wore my body out so I got a nasty flu. I haven't slept much for a week and just cough all night long as soon as I lay down. Poor Matt doesn't sleep much either when this happens. He's been sleeping on the couch every night and he got sick too. Poor thing—he got those vicious body aches and a fever and was hallucinating from it all the other night. Luckily, he's strong and heals quickly—after 2 days he's already starting to feel better. I am too; after over a week and I know I will have this darn cough again for a month. But it's almost spring, so I'm positive this is the last big virus for the season.

So, many of you know that I swear by my chiropractor and only see an MD now if it is an absolute emergency or for my yearly exam. After 30+ years of treating symptoms and taking so many medications that it made my head spin, I decided to give chiropractic a try. I got lucky and found a wonderful doctor who has cured so many of my ailments—no more headaches, my asthma is nearly gone, my allergies are manageable and I really have felt better than I ever have. I used to take about 10 different medications for all my pains and breating problems, but now I rarely even take an asprirn. I'm not addicted to caffeine anymore and only drink a diet coke a couple of times a year now. I used to drink 4-5 a day; sometimes more! I don't crave sugar now, but I still am emotionally addicted and turn to it when I am stressed and need comfort. So if you've never tried it, give it a try—you may be surprised at the results. Even though I still get sick several times a year, it's not the deathbed feeling that I used to get where I really couldn't function.

So this time when I've been coughing, I keep thinking that I'm really showing my age. You see, back in the olden days, we were taught to cough into our hands. But then all the germs are on your hands and you spread them with every touch. So nowadays, they teach you to cough into your elbow so your hands aren't germy. I try to do that, but it's a hard habit to break. Plus, when I'm in close company, I know those germs are flying and don't all get stopped by my elbow, so I cover my mouth completely with my hand and then try not to touch anything. So are you showing your age!? Do you cough into your hand or your elbow—you just might be telling people more than you realize!

So even though I see an amazing chiropractor, much of the time now he's not there and I see his collegue, who is also very talented. He always gives me the funniest advice when I'm sick. Every time I get sick, he tells me to take time off and go to the beach for warm air and sunshine! Well, in reality; if I felt that great I would go to work and so his advice always makes me laugh. But it would be a nice world to shake off every cold at the beach dozing in the warm fresh air. Usually I ignore him and go home to try to sleep so my body can heal. It's not that I don't value his advice, it's just a little too complicated to trudge down to the beach and have to see people and deal with all that when I don't feel good. I prefer to be alone and not see anyone and just crawl into bed with the cat. Little cats have healing power too, you know!

So feel free to tell me your version of folk wisdom for dealing with a cold or cough. Hopefully I didn't bore you or spread any germs with my coughing post, ha ha!