Friday, October 12, 2007

California Vacation Day 9 - Wednesday -Hollywood

One of the main things Manami wanted to see in California (besides Abercrombie & Fitch!) was Hollywood. This was our trip to go there, but on the way we stopped at the Japanese market again to pick up some supplies. I also suspect she was a little culture-shocked and homesick so this probably helped. She wanted particular things to make her feel at home; certain soaps and miso soup for her breakfast; and other things. I love the Mitsuwa market so I was happy to go. We ate lunch there at the foodcourt and had some pastries afterwards! Then we were on our way to Hollywood.

(Kit is Ashalee Wall's Maven kit available at Oscraps. Letters are from Microferk Designs. Font is Dahrlin.)

We had tons of fun at the Mann's Chinese Theatre. We acted like complete tourists; posed for pictures, looked for people's stars and I even had Manami pose with the theatre doorman! They have a webcam that takes photos and we got in front of it and called a co-worker to save screenshots of us! We shopped in the little mall and I bought some socks and Manami picked up some perfume at Gap.

Hollywood is surprisingly close to little Ethiopia, so Matt wanted to stop there and have Ethiopian food for dinner. We love the fact that Southern California is so multicultural and you can get practically anything here. We went earlier this year so I could try Ethiopian food for the first time and it was really good! Basically it is a shared platter of food and sour spongy pancake-type breads that you use to scoop up bites of the food. Very tasty!

We got chicken and fish and lamb along with the veggie combo (greens, lentils, cabbage and who knows what else, ha ha!) I got the Ethiopian wine (sweet and very similar to honey mead) and the boys got Ethiopian Beer. Matt & Johnny shared some Ethiopian coffee afterwards. They roast the beans right at your table and the coffee is very strong. Matt was twitching all night when he tried to sleep but he loved that coffee!

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Sue McGettigan said...

I didn't know we had a Little Ethiopia here - wow, where have I been? It looks like a fascinating meal, and Mann's Chinese is always a kick for visitors - you're a great host!