Tuesday, October 30, 2007

California Vacation Day 12 - Saturday - Downtown Disney

This day of my vacation was a nice day! We started out with breakfast at the Harbor House in Sunset Beach. We met tons of family members there, including two of Matt's brothers a sister and mom and their families. After eating we walked to the beach and fooled around for awhile. Of course, with all those boys around, they had to throw someone in the water, and Johnny was fair game!

Don't you love this funky house!? It was for sale, but unfortunately, we couldn't afford the four million dollar price tag!

After some beachside shenanigans, we went to Downtown Disney to look at the shops and to see Harry Potter. Oh, how I love those movies. It was a special treat for Johnny to see an American movie with American voices! You can see them in Japan, but they usually dub them over in Japanese, so it's hard for him to watch.

The stained glass is from the Disney Grand Californian Hotel, an arts and crafts style building (redone in Disney style, of course!) I am hoping one day we can spend the night there and enjoy their hospitality. Until then, at least we live close enough to visit it sometimes.

Later on we had Pizza for dinner back in town and then went to Joanie's house.

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Sue McGettigan said...

Love the sign with the little guy trying to run away from the tsunami :) That hotel would be so wonderful to stay in - I love that period of design.