Tuesday, October 09, 2007

California Vacation Day 8 - Tuesday - County Fair

Well, this was the day I had to go to work for a special meeting. But after my busy weekend, I was actually glad to have the peace of a cubicle!

After work we went to the OC County Fair. I love the fair—everything's so bright and colorful. It was fun seeing it with Manami. She looked at things that I just normally pass by. She loved the Native American crafts booth. She also loved the midway and the games! She won one of the games so she could get a cute Jerry Mouse doll and Matt won a game for her so she could get a blow up Strawberry Shortcake. (for some reason her and Johnny are obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake—I just don't get the attraction!)

We rode a couple of rides—I went on the giant swing with her and we all went on the giant slide. I was so scared because I'm really afraid of heights! I kept stopping my blanket to slow down, but I made it down so I felt very brave! Manami really wanted to go on one ride but nobody wanted to go with her so we skipped it (whew—that was a scarey one—a thing that they sometimes call the "Zipper" it goes high up in the air and spins around and upside down!) We also did a funhouse; it ended up being a sucky one but at least it had a good view!

We made sure to try some of the crazy food that you can only get at the fair—we ate corn dogs and even tried a fried Snickers Bar! I can't remember everything we tried (stuffed Jalapenos, fruit smoothie, ice cream, and who knows what else!) but it was all fun. The whole trip both of them were amazed at the huge food portions we have here in the US (no wonder why we are all overweight!) Even Johnny who grew up here was stunned because he has adjusted to Japanese food and portions.

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