Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California Vacation Day 11- Friday - Whittier

Well, guess what we did this day!? Today was our day to go back to Abercrombie. But at least we went to a new A&F, ha ha! We went to the stores in the Cerritos mall. At least we went to a couple of other stores, too—we checked out Gap and the Body Shop to buy some cosmetic gifts for Manami's friends.

We chose Cerritos because it's on the way to Whittier. We couldn't wait to see Matt's dad and Polly who just got back from a trip to Hawaii. Polly wowed us (as usual) with some wonderful Mexican food—I swear she is one of the best cooks ever!

Manami got to try some things for the first time ever! We had watermelon with chili pepper on it and jicama. We also had radishes and cucumbers; none of which were foods she cared for. She did seem to like the tasty grilled chicken tacos and other treats though, and of course, the rest of us ate way too much! It was fun to see Matt's sisters; I always enjoy seeing them! I wish I could remember more details to share—that's the problem with documenting something 2 months after the fact! I didn't take pictures, either—I guess I was just tired and I wanted to enjoy myself! Sigh—I'll try to do better next time!

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