Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goosebumps Cards

There's a new project from Tsukineko called Goosebumps.  I recently got a chance to try it and teach some of the stampers at our LSS about my findings.  Below are two of the projects we made.  I donated my cards to Operation Write Home to send a little love overseas for our Heroes.

Goosebumps sprayed on white paper as a background resist
For the first project (above) we simply spritzed some goosebumps on the paper and let it dry.  Once it is dry you can sponge on your favorite dye ink (I used Tim Holtz distress inks) and wipe any excess off with a damp towel.  The light blue part of the card is the TH ink and the white is where the Goosebumps acted as a textured resist.  It looks like a shiny, bumpy plastic.  Once you use the Goosebumps you will need to use Stazon to stamp over it so the teal leaves (Wendy Vecchi)  and  black sentiment (Auntie Amy) are stamped with Stazon.  I mounted it simply to a navy cardstock and then a purple card base.  I added some pretty rhinestones to give the card a little bling.

Goosebumps sprayed onto rubber and then image stamped on white paper
For our second project we sprayed directly onto the stamp instead of using ink.  A bold image works best for this.  I used another Wendy Vecchi image to make the white foliage at the bottom of the card.  It will give a blotchy effect and not the precise definition you are used to with ink.  Once the Goosebumps is dry you can swipe your dye ink over the card (again, I used Tim Holtz Distress for this in two different colors) and wipe any excess ink off the resist image with a damp towel.  I used black India Ink to stamp the "delight" sentiment from Stampin' Up.  Add a pretty ribbon and mount to your card base and you're done!  The card is easy and has a lot of impact.

Here are some tips I found while I was working with the Goosebumps:
  • Clean your stamps IMMEDIATELY after you use them with a good cleaner like Ultra Clean.  
  • Be careful because the Goosebumps may permanently stick to your acrylic blocks or will take lots of work to remove (sigh!)
  • IMMEDIATELY clean the whole Goosebumps pump with soapy hot water after you use it or it will get clogged.  I thought I just needed to rinse it off but you really need to remove it and clean it all thoroughly.  
  • It will still clog the tip of the sprayer so be sure to clean it with a pin and do some test spritzing before use or you will get blotchy sprays.
  • I was unable to get good results with the technique where they used a brass stencil.  Maybe my tip was too clogged and blotchy.
  • I was unable to get good results with the technique where they used a clean stamp to remove the goosebumps from the paper.  Maybe I was spraying too much Goosebumps onto the paper (again, could be the clogged tip)
  • I learned this was a little too much trouble to be my favorite technique but I did like the cards I ended up with.

Here is a link to the Tsukineko education sheet to give you more tips and techniques.  Let me know your experience with Goosebumps and any tips to help us out!

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