Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do you like Stamps?

Well, I happen to love stamps! Both the rubber kind and the postal kind. Here's another image share from my China Collage Swap. Hope you enjoy the stamps! I bought them from a street vendor near the Museum of Macau. I paid wayyyy too much for them (I think about $5, US) but I really loved them.

I also over-paid for a beautiful hand-carved antique ivory skull-head bracelet at the same time. I think I paid $12 for that. I'll post a picture for you all one day. I do love it and actually wear it sometimes, so it was worth the money to me.

Click to see the large image and right-click to save it!


Sarah said...

Into my stash of Asian they go...love 'em. TFS

Sue McGettigan said...

So much fun - I'm a postage junkie too, well worth the $5 :) Can't wait to see the skull bracelet, that sounds like fun!