Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kitten Update

Some of you have asked how the kittens are doing. As you can see they have settled in just fine and they now own us!

They play like wild demons until they pass out from sheer exhaustion. I'm glad we got them both so they could play together. When they are apart they will cry until the other one comes near.

Little Boo is the brave one, even though she is smallest. Whatever she does first, Ollie will follow. She hunts hard, plays hard and sleeps hard. When she sleeps it is like all the bones fall out of her body and she goes limp and just purrs like an angel. Don't let her tiny face fool you as she is hiding behind her brother. There is a reason her nickname is "Destructress" as you can see in the next photo.

Can you tell one of their favorite play toys? They love to play in the shutters. Boo loves to hang off them like a monkey. Little Ollie is getting a bit of a belly as he is growing so it is harder now for him to wedge himself into the shutters but that doesn't stop him! I will be glad when they are both too big to get in there because I have to be careful they don't accidentally tear the screen while they are chasing each other and looking at butterflies outside.

Here's sweet Ollie sleeping. Isn't he an angel? He and Matt have really bonded. Ollie likes to sit with Matt and watch TV. Kitty purrs at the drop of a hat; even if he's eating or playing he will purr. He's a happy little thing that just wants the kitty "good life." I think he has it, what do you think?


Ruthie said...

AWWW! What little angels ;-) I want one! Thanks for the Ollie and Boo update.

Sue McGettigan said...

Oh my goodness they are just so adorable, how fun to have furbabies in the house :)

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

Congrats on winning one of the blog candies on the ShortCuts blog.

Here is a link to the announcement:

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Lisa Renéa said...

How precious! I truly enjoyed seeing these photos!

Sandy said...

awwww they are just the cutest!!

Christa said...

oh how I love kitties!!! These two are precious!

Elisabeth said...

Awwwwwwww.....our kitten (Sweetheart~named by my 3rd old daughter) looks almost like Ollie.