Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where in the World....?

Immediately after our last vacation (almost 3 years ago) we started dreaming of our next vacation. First we read up on the Carribean and looked at each beautiful island! What a paradise they look like! We both love snorkling and swimming in warm, beautiful water so that looked like a perfect destination.

But then Matt wanted to go somewhere with his dad and Polly and that's not their type of vacation. South America looked like just the place to go! We got the book for that and looked at each country. Polly really wants to see Argentina and wow does that look so neat to visit! I've always wanted to see Rio and Sugarloaf Mountain and their huge statue there. And one of my lifelong dreams is to see Machu Pichu someday! Well, it turns out that Diego knows someone who is an anthropologist in Peru and knows all about Machu Pichu. Can you imagine how excited I was to think of going there with an expert? Even if it required some camping (which I detest, LOL!) I started dreaming of ancient civilizations and mysteries.

Right after that, though Polly decided that where she really wanted to go was England. They travel a lot and she is usually not a huge fan of going places, so it was fun to know she would love the trip we planned. I've only been to two foreign places so I'm thrilled where ever we go. We went home with England travel books and spent hours pouring through lists and websites and trying to decide the best places to go. I really want to see The White Cliffs of Dover (I'll explain more someday when I have time!) and of course Stonehenge (more of my mysterious ancient civilization obsession!) We must see London. Would we have time for Wales?

I have a friend in Scotland and I was dearly hoping to get there to meet her too! Really, I'd love to see Scotland more—how much time could we spend there? Edinburgh and Glasgow and oh there's so many places to see! England and Scotland are where we need to go.

Right after this a bomb fell on our plans. Literally—a bomb went off in the London subway and there was no way in this world that Polly was going to England. Oh, curse those terrorists! But there's always Ireland. That looks like one of the most beautiful countries of all. Every photo shows rolling green hills and I am in love. We went to the store to pick up Ireland books. Which cities are the best? Of course we have to see the book of Kells at Trinity College. Some small towns, some pubs, some ancient ruins. Rolling hills and ocean views. And sheep. Don't forget the lovely sheep. And Guiness, of course and an Irish Whisky factory. Ah yes, Ireland is superb for a vacation destination.

Very shortly after we bought the books we found out about Random. I refused to travel when he was sick and the vet told us he had less than 2 years. I was convinced it would be much sooner and was scared to leave him. Matt was sweet and patient and we kept planning for when our vacation would eventually come. Every day he would find a new destination. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai. Those earned a call to a travel agent and brochures. Vietnam. (Vietnam? Well, maybe not!) Budapest, Sweden, Canada. Prague, Paris, Italy. Greece. Chiappas, Mexico. Carribean cruise. Alaska cruise. Mexico cruise. Hawaii. Denver, DC, New York, Savanna, New Orleans. Barcelona and beautiful Spain—we even got the books for that!

Some of the places were picked out of thin air or something we saw on the travel channel and wanted to explore. Some are places that Diego was going for work. We discussed places where Matt's nephew was playing in hockey tournaments. We looked at so many places and researched planes, hotels and attractions.
Every day before work Matt would show me wonderful places on the internet. We looked forward to the Sunday Travel section of the Times to show us a new wonderful place. We armchair travelled everywhere for the last 3 years; I almost feel like I've already been to some of those beautiful spots.

I hope you enjoyed travelling with me today. Next time I may reveal the trip we are currently planning. I won't know if we will be able to go until February. Thanks to the wonderful travellers who took these stunning and inspiring photos.


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

That was a fun 'side trip'! Thanks for all the beautiful places... I vote for someplace sunny and warm!

Kristy said...

Come to Scotland! :o) Heck, if you travel anywhere in Europe I could probably meet you there anyway! LOL

Sue McGettigan said...

Thanks for the fun 'virtual travel experience' - I loved it! Can't wait to find out where you will end up going, it's just gotta be fun :)