Monday, January 21, 2008

A Very Sad Post

Well, this is a hard post to write. Most of you already know this but in case you don't I will put it here. Random, my sweet kitty and best friend of 17+ years is gone. It is so quiet and lonely in the house without him. I keep talking to every shadow because I forget he's gone and I think he's snuck up behind me. I miss him. I'm holding up ok, but it's sad. My friends and everyone have been so sweet because they knew how much he meant to me. Thank you everyone! I'll stop now--sigh!


ScrappyPam said...

Random was a beautiful kitty! I did the same thing when my kitty passed on - every shadow was her walking around the corner. {{hugs}}

Sandy said...

Awwww Lianna, he was such a pretty baby!! I totally undersand your sadness, I lost my Inkspot years ago, and it was just the quietest house once she was gone. Even with other babies, I just missed her presence. Hugs to WILL get easier. It'll take time, but it will get better.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

These pages are so beautiful! What a gorgeous kitty Random was/is... I am so sorry he is physically gone, but hope you always feel his spirit near you... Beautiful pages, again... they are just stunning...
I love those big feet! We have a kitty with double toes and a stubby tail... and he is a character, as they all are.
I also am a kitty gal... my kitty who I adopted when I started college was a gorgeous female, named Cause (because I was a rebel without a Cause)... She was all white, with a black tail tip and black butterfly print on her forehead...I had her for gosh, 15 years... She is always in my sphere of angels...
Peace be with you...and big hugs...definitely a hard post..I hope you frame those gorgeous pages.. they are works of loving art!

Aud said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to read about your loss! A dear kitty like Random is just like a family member, and it's so hard when their time 'is up'...

I have been thinking of contacting you for quite some time now, tonight I googled your nick name and found your blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the cute Christmas tag you sent me! Boy was I surprised! :o) Thank you so much!

Sending you warm thoughts and big hugs!


colleeeen said...

a eulogy for Random

who never liked me much
was still so soft and beautiful
and polydactyl-ed out all other multi-digited cats.

Random, Paul always missed you
once you moved away
although i'm sure you never missed that devil baby.

Random, you gave your Mommy 17 great years
and you were always loved.
you were an era,
the era of Random,
and new eras have your shadow on them.

good night, Random.

Sue McGettigan said...

You made such lovely pages Lianna - Random was a sweetie, I'm glad you had so many wonderful years together - I hope those memories get you through this tough time.

DymphieM said...

Lianna, you made some wonderful pages with the photos of your lovely Random. I love the 'paw' one and the bottom one (where he looks up) is so very cute. Hugs to you.

Debbie Olson said...

Lianna, I'm so sorry about Random. Your pages of Random are lovely though.

lburkhart said...

Random was very lucky to have you and Matt for parents. No matter what anyone says, pets are like true family members: the loss can be overwhelming, even if expected. He is chasing mousies in kitty heaven!

lburkhart said...

Random was lucking to have you and Matt as parents. No matter what folks say, losing a pet is like losing family: the loss can be overwhelming, even when expected. My thoughts are with you! xoxo