Monday, March 08, 2010

Continental Breakfast, Anyone?

When we were in Tokyo we stayed at a businessman's hotel that included a continental breakfast. Consisting of dry dinner rolls sealed in plastic, they were not very tasty.

Matt found a much better use for his roll. Can you guess what he did with them? Ah, yes--his poor tired feet hurt so much that all he could think of were pillows of bread to walk on.

A photo of the sorry-looking rolls at the end of a very long day!


sweetcheeks said...

Is that roll in the shoe artistic creativity or desperation? Either is possible. I sure would have never thought of it.

Sue McGettigan said...

ha ha, this is the most creative use of breakfast that I've ever seen :)

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

I can't stop laughing! That is the best use of a dinner roll yet! My husband and I have walked many miles of Toyoko and I would have loved some dinner rolls for my shoes then :)
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note on my blog and thanks for your encouraging words.
xo, Rebecca