Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Frame-up

Here is the second set of pics I have added to my bathroom. They are beautiful tropical photos hung to remind me of beauty and our relaxing time in paradise.

This was taken at Club Bali Hai in Moorea, Tahiti. I love the soft colors of the twilight here and it is so tranquil and lovely this time of evening. I set my camera on the dock and laid down on the wooden planks to compose this shot. I could have stayed there forever with the warm wood under my skin and the cool breeze melting over me. Sigh! I wish I could be there again.

We saw the most perfect sunset on our last night in Honolulu. We were leaving our hotel to walk along the beach to get to our special dinner we planned for our anniversary. It was such a wonderful evening.

This is an overwater bungalow at the Moorea Pearl Resort. It was that early peaceful time of the morning when the sun was just starting to come up. I had left our bungalow and wanted to enjoy the peace of the morning on our last day there. Not as soul was awake except myself and the pool boy who was rearranging the chairs for a new day of sunbathing.


Marlene said...

Beautiful photos. Wish I was there. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Scrapbook Junction said...

Gorgeous! I went to Hawaii many years ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a link to these pretty pictures and the pretty ATCS below it.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

gorgeous photos! I bet that is just a heavenly place to be huh? thanks for sharing...I bet they look gorgeous in your bath! :)

Pearl Maple said...

Breathtaking views, you just want to sit back and enjoy every precious moment.