Monday, February 02, 2009

No Tzatziki Sauce!

In our house, "No Tzatziki Sauce" has become synonymous with anything I don't like. My list of foods I will not eat is very long and when we go to a restaurant there are always things I do not want on my plate. If I don't like something, I don't want to look at it, have it near my food and for goodness sake I don't want to smell it or have it touch anything! Mayonnaise, ranch dressing, guacamole, mushrooms, sour cream, and pickled ginger are all offenders.

And when we go to Daphne's it's "No Tzatziki Sauce!" I know they put it in a little cup but sometimes it spills over onto the plate and then I make the face. You know the face--the one that says "Ewww! This tzatziki sauce touching my food may kill me!" I have been known to order "No Tzatziki Sauce" and then order extra on the side for someone else just to ensure my food doesn't get contaminated (I'd rather pay extra then have to eat "tainted" food)

Sometimes, Matt likes to go through the Starbuck's drive thru by our house to get himself a cup of coffee. Imagine their confusion when he orders it with "No Tzatziki Sauce!" just to make me smile.


Anne said...

Hi, Lianne! Cute story! :-)

Annette said...

[Ok, yes, I'm anal enough to delete a post I had a typo in. Is there a 12-step program for that?] LOL

New proofed version:

I'm with ya on the NO MAYO! And I don't like the Tzatziki sauce either--though I usually say, "None of that white goo."

I like the other stuff on your short-list. But I could imagine the two of us at a restaurant! I'm always the first one to say: No onions. Sauce/dressing on the side. No processed piggy particles (bacon bits). Or my hubby's personal fav: Is there meat or any meat-like by-products in that? =)

Kristy Cokayne said...

I'm with you Lianna - hate cucumber so Tzatziki sauce is a no-no for me too! :o)

PC said...

omg...i LOVE tzatziki sauce! i could drink it like milk. i am not a mayo fan but if it is hidden in a food i can tolerate it. i can't think of any food i hate but i can't do sugar so that is a huge issue when i leave the house and have to eat. sugar is hidden in everything. i can only have unrefined cane sugar and natural sugars like fructose and only in moderation. i have to have my family taste my food sometimes (they are the royal food tasters - ha!)

Sue McGettigan said...

We need to go to Daphne's together, I'll have your tzatziki sauce, OK? Pickled ginger too :)
LOL at Matt's coffee with NO TZATZIKI SAUCE - they must love him at Starbucks :)