Friday, February 13, 2009

Home is where my heart is

Sigh! It's good to be home again! It's just about always where I'd rather be. Sometimes when I turn the corner into our neighborhood I start smiling and feel brighter because I know little Ollie cat will greet me at the door! He almost always comes to greet me after a long day and he will run ahead of me, say a happy "meow!" and plop onto the floor in front of me so I can scratch him! What's better than that!?

Boo is usually waiting nearby and she will let me have an "audience" with her princess-self if I have been good! It is funny how they have such different personalities. He is goofy and lazy and she is dainty and wants to play all the time. Sigh! I love coming home. I step lightly up the stairs and say hello to Matt, who is usually on the computer (and hopefully done with work for the day!)

This weekend I won't be home much (to my regret!) but we will be doing fun, interesting things. Saturday it's off to the Travel Show in LA and Sunday I get to go to the Scrapbook convention for a little supply run. Then Monday (hooray for an extra day off!) I will go visit my mom to have lunch. Then, it's home again for me with an Ollie greeting and another relaxing evening in my favorite place.

Stamp credits:
Stamp by Unity Stamp Company colored with Copic Markers. Font is from Spellbinders.


PC said...

i love when my pets greet me...heck, my own kids don't greet me half the time.

Linda Beeson said...

How precious is that little row of houses!!! Love your coloring.

Sue McGettigan said...

Ah, Dorothy had it right, there's no place like home! What a fun weekend you had planned, and I love your cheerful card :)

Cathy said...

What a beautiful card! Love how you're working those Copics and I agree, "There's no place like home."

Hope you have a great weekend, my friend and look forward to seeing what you'll create with any new, used, or stashed goodies! Have fun.

Susan (peebsmama) said...

My favorite part of coming home each night is saying "hi" to my kitties too. I can just feel the stress falling off me when I nuzzle each of thier warm little faces.

I like the vibrant colors on your card.