Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First glimpse of Macau

Here's our second night of vacation. Our first day was spent flying and checking into a room in Hong Kong. The next morning we got up and the guys got fitted for their suits in HK. Then we boarded the ferry for Macau. We got there in time for dinner with friends at the hotel. Here is the awesome view from our room. We actually stayed on the bottom island, Taipa; which is right by the University so we could see across the bay to Macau Island and see the new casinos. Isn't it pretty?

Our whole excuse for this vacation was so my Father-In-Law could guest lecture at the U of Macau and we could all visit with his professor friend, Henry. We got to spend lots of time with Henry and his wife, Miho. They were great hosts and tour guides.

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Sue McGettigan said...

Gorgeous photos - what an amazing opportunity - hope you had a blast!