Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Bad Day to Live Through Twice

Well, I've been pretty scarce because we were on vacation in Hong Kong (yaaay!) I'll write more about that later, but First I will whine about the woes of traveling. You see when you fly from US to Asia, you cross the International Date line and you lose a day. When you fly back to US you gain the day back. So we left Hong Kong on Monday at 12:30 PM and we arrived in Los Angeles on Monday at 9:30 AM; 3 hours before we left. How's that for time-travel?

But it was a day nobody wants to live through twice; even if you like Mondays. My first Monday consisted of a workout at the hotel gym, packing and rushing to get a bite before we left to the airport and then a grueling 12-hour flight back to LA. We fly economy, of course, and there is nothing like being cramped in a plane when you can't sleep and you finished your good book in two hours with 10 hours to go. But we made it through the first Monday and finally landed—home at last.

But it was not a good Monday at home either. My Great-Aunt died when I was on vacation, and her funeral was at 1pm that afternoon. So we made it just in time (actually 10 minutes late) for her funeral and of course that was sad and emotionally draining. We were both exhausted wrecks and could barely make the drive without falling asleep. And we were in our airplane clothes; which for Matt meant a t-shirt and USC shorts. I didn't think about it until later, but I wonder what people thought about that. Hopefully they were forgiving and understood that at least we had made it to see my favorite aunt to her rest. If not, well then too bad; we did what we could. I know that our close family members understood and were glad to see us no matter what we looked like. And that's all that really matters.

So that was my Monday and my Monday Redux. I'm glad we made it through and I will never have to live that day over again.


Dawn said...

Ohhh, I am so so so sorry about your Aunt passing. I am also puzzled by the fact you arrived before you left. Hope the days are better. Can't wait to see pics from the trip ((3bmom))

colleeeen said...

ohhh babe, i'm so sorry. how's your family holding up? i hope to see vacation pics soon, so i can live vicariously through you.

Sandy said...

My sympathies in your loss, Lianna :( Having a bad Monday once is bad, but a second bad Monday, oh my!