Saturday, November 24, 2007

Such a lovely wine!

For Thanksgiving dinner we brought along some lovely wine from Giessinger Winery. We got it when we were in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago. The wine comes in a cobalt blue bottle with a graceful long neck. I wish I had taken a photo because the wine looks as nice as it tastes. It was a light desert wine called Forgiveness. It is a pale red color and has the most beautiful aroma. It smells like roses and raspberry. It has a light peach flavor and was delicious after our meal.

Here's what the winery has to say about it: "Forgiveness Reserve, South Coast (CA) (Organically Grown) $34.95

This wine is dedicated to my creator, my mother. She will always be remembered and present. Forgiveness heals the soul. It is its renewal and a fresh start for the tempted. There is beauty, peace, and ease in forgiveness. Offer this wine with roses to your parents, lover or friend and ask for forgiveness. Medium body fruity red wine that is delicious as it is delicate. Peach aromas and flavors greet the nose and the palate. Soft and silky tannins add structure, depth and intensity. The wine is supple, the fruit lingering. A VOTRE SANTE!!"

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Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

What a beautiful story behind the name! Love it...
Our wine was from Chateaus St. Michelle, a Cabernet Savignon. yummy!