Friday, November 09, 2007

California Vacation Day 14 - Monday - Part I Randy's Donuts

I'm sorry to say this was the last day of my local vacation. It took place way back in July and I'm finally documenting it. I'm going to split this entry into two parts because there are just so many photos and I want to share them all! Well, maybe I won't share all 500 that I took that day, but I'll show a few.

One thing Manami really wanted to see in Southern California was Randy's Donuts. It is one of those quirky things you see sometimes on TV and she really thought it was cool. Matt had never even heard of it and really couldn't understand why someone would want to see a giant donut in Inglewood. Inglewood's not a very nice part of town, but luckily the stand is right off the 405 and on the way to Malibu. So we made the pit stop to get donuts for breakfast.

If you've never been to Randy's, their donuts are so very fresh and tasty you should try it out! They are open 24 hours with a drive thru so you can grab a donut and be on the way. I've only been there late at night after events at the forum, so I was surprised to see how many people were there in the morning. And many of them were doing just like us and taking photos and posing, so I didn't feel too much like a stupid tourist, ha ha!

We enjoyed our donuts, posed for photos, and were on our way to the Getty Museum. There are two absolutely stunning Getty Museums in LA and I highly recommend both of them. They both have gorgeous archeticture and gardens and they both have stunning ocean views. The "new" Getty Complex is a fantastic modern series of buildings and I absolutely adore it. In one of the buildings they feature some Rococo style art and decor which I honestly hate. It is my least favorite style of art, but luckily they have other buildings with modern photography, changing displays and other art. Even if the whole museum was Rococo, I would still love it because of the beautiful modern buildings.

Here is a photo of it; I hope you agree that it's wonderful. It was taken in May of 2006. My camera ran out of juice that day, so I don't have any more photos for you to see.

The "old" Getty Villa has recently been renovated, so we can almost call it the "new-old" Getty because the "new" Getty is really not very new at all now, being somewhere between 10-15 years old, ha ha! The "old" Getty is a replica of an ancient Roman villa. It has Roman gardens and fountains and a beautiful herb garden off to the side. Inside the villa you are in for a treat because it is filled with Greek, Roman and Minoan antiquities. What a wonderful museum it is! I absolutely love the art in this museum as much as I hate the Rococo in the other museum. Stay tuned tomorrow because I will feature the Getty Villa and the beautiful day we spent there this summer. It was my favorite day of the whole month we spent with Johnny and Manami.


Lisa said...

Ha, ha. Great photo angles but I think someone is going to have a tummy ache in the morning.

This is a cute idea and I'll have to keep my eyes open for shots like this!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh my gosh, I Love those donut photos!
Sandra Evertson

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL - love the pics! I used to work in the shadow of Randy's donuts at the courier company :)

colleeeen said...

don't forget about the Donut Hole!

used to get donuts there "back in the day" when we were still newlyweds. ah, romance!