Saturday, September 08, 2007

Brand New Car!

Oh, I'm so excited about my brand new car! It's a Mazda CX-7, a crossover vehicle that we got last Saturday. It's really like a large station wagon, but that's just not a popular term nowadays, ha ha, so we say "crossover"! It's a little higher and wider than a regular sedan or station wagon and not as large as an SUV. It's just perfect for me! Here's some things I love about my new vehicle.

1. The color is Black Cherry. Not quite black or brown or purple or burgandy. It depends on the lighting and it looks different every time you look. I love the metallic sparkle it has. We're getting it clear-coated as I type so hopefully it will stay shiny and beautiful a long time!

2. The interior is a stone grey with black stripes and trim. I wanted black leather, but when I saw the 2-tone leather I fell in love!

3. The seats have a lumbar support and are so comfy. They will really help my back on long trips to see my mom. Hopefully I can go visit her more now and I won't have to spend a day recovering from the drive! The seats are also heated--ahhh--comfort!

4. Finally I have a moonroof again. I love to drive and see outside and open the window!

5. No stick-shift. I love driving a stick, but it's a little hard on my feet and back, especially since I drive through traffic all week to work. The fun thing about the Mazda is the Tiptronic-like manual shift that I can use without a clutch when I want to. A little more fun and control from your regluar automatic vehicle!

So this is the car I will drive during the week and when we go somewhere on weekends Matt will drive it for us. It's comfy to doze in the passenger seat--I already tested that out! Hopefully, this will give Matt's car a break so it will last longer.

So bye-bye Beetle, I'll miss you but I have a new love!


Sue McGettigan said...

Oh, bye-bye to your cute beetle, but what fun to have a new car - black cherry eh? Cool :)

Sonja said...

congrats on your new car!
and thanks for your comment on my blog :o)
looks like you've done some really amazing trips in the past year or so too.
ohh Japan...looks amazing, I would loooove to go there sometime

Hermine Lindsie said...

The shine of its body, the scent of its interior, the feel of its seats - those are the many good things a brand new car has. But, of course, above all these pleasantries, you were able to buy a car that has all of your preferences. I'm guessing that your car is still as shiny until now, at it was when you bought it.