Sunday, September 16, 2007

California Vacation - Day 7 - Monday - South Coast Plaza

Ah--the last day of my three-day weekend! We decided to have lunch at Daphne's, a fast-food Greek restaurant in town. Their food is pretty darn tasty, so if you haven't tried it, you should go! Then we went shopping at another Japanese market nearby; Marukai. They are a little different from Mitsuwa, and we managed to find some more supplies and snacks for Manami.

The best part about Marukai is the new place in the food-court: Beard Papa's. If you ever go to Tokyo, you will find their delectable cream puffs in the train stations. We got addicted to them there, but had no idea they were coming to America! But it was our lucky day--Beard Papa's had just opened that week and we were the lucky people who got to have some! Yummy yum! They fill the cream puffs right when you order, so they are not soggy or stale. They use fresh, excelent-quality ingredients so they are oh-so-good!

After our snack, we headed to South Coast Plaza, the big side this time. Above is a picture of Manami posing as she walks into the door of Nordstrom's for the first time! South Coast Plaza was one of the main destinations that she wanted to see on her trip. The mall is so famous that many Japanese Salarymen sign up for a special tour to the US to see it. They spend 5 days in the states and see San Francisco, South Coast Plaza and Vegas. SCP is a full day of their trip and we often see buses full of tourists carrying their many purchases from the expensive stores that we don't even walk into because they're so pricey!
Manami mainly wanted to go to Abercrombie & Fitch. She wanted to buy clothes for herself, her sister and her brother-in-law. The guys left us there and came back after an hour and a half and we were still in the store! Manami tried on many things until she found exactly what she wanted and made sure it was perfect. Once the guys made it to the store we spent at least another 45 minutes picking out the perfect shirt for her brother-in-law. I didn't mind because I knew it's what she wanted to do the very most!

Have you ever been to A&F? Well, it's filled with young, perfect sales clerks who won't even give someone like me a second glance. They carry small sizes--even Manami got an "M-Size" for some of her things and she's tiny! There is nothing there that would fit me, though I can find something my size at most nicer stores. Their products are very high-priced for the torn/distressed look you are buying in my opinon. Their clothes are a little too skimpy for my old-fashioned taste, so I'm not too unhappy that they don't carry my size. The store is very dim and to me a little depressing! They play very loud dance-club music, so if you're ok with techno then it helps. I like the music and Matt and I especially liked it when Johnny got bored and started "nerd-techno" dancing! That made it fun to be there laughing and carrying on while Manami shopped. I'm sure the sales clerks didn't appreciate having us "old farts" in thier store, but hey--she bought enough to justify all of our presence!
I'm glad Manami got to go to her dream store (the first of many trips, ha ha) but spending my afternoon here made me happy to go back to work on Monday!


Sue McGettigan said...

ROFL Lianne, Molly LOVES A&F, me - not so much :) On the other hand, we both totally ADORE Daphne's food, mmmmmm.

colleeeen said...

when i think A&F, i think, "maybe arson *is* a viable form of self-expression."

i'm going to have to check out your japanese stores. we were in little Tokyo a few weeks ago, but the kids kind of diminished the joy of shopping.