Thursday, December 21, 2006

Our Congresswoman Has Great Legs!!!

OK—I thought I'd share a Christmas Card with you all to spread a little holiday cheer or something! Can you believe Matt almost threw this one out? Many years ago, he helped on her campaign, so he's on her mailing list now. This cracks me up, but I sure wonder why she would consider sending this to her constituents. Personally, I'm not sure I would want to convey this message as a professional woman. But maybe I'm old fashioned. I can't say I'm a big fan of Ms. Sanchez either; Matt and I do differ on politics. But we both agree that this card is tacky! (Sorry, Congresswoman, sometimes I have to say it like it is!)

Inside reads "May this year's big blue wave carry you into a joyous and happy holiday season! Love, Loretta & Gretzky (a.k.a "Shark Biscuit")." The back lets us know that our tax-payer dollars did not fund this project, but if you donated money to the comittee to re-elect, then guess what you bought!

I will say that Gretzky is a fabulously beautiful animal, though of course he can't compare to Random the Cat! And Loretta (I feel like we must be close friends and I can call her that—after all, she sent me this card!) really does have great legs! And I do appreciate her free-spirit and sense of humor she must have to send a card like this. (But it's still tacky—did I mention that!)

If you're curious, last year's card was a provocative pose of her and Gretzky (the cat, not the hockey player!) in bed together. Oh, my the things politicians will do to get some press! I wish we had that one, but I think Matt threw it away before I even saw it. I did see it at my father-in-law's house, and boy was it a shocker. I wonder what she will send next year, ha ha!

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Sue McGettigan said...

ROFLMAO Lianne, that is a heck of a card :)