Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just an update:

I got my car back yesterday, to the tune of $850. Yikes—that hurt! Part of the problem is the tune-up I got a couple of weeks ago used the wrong spark plugs and settings, so my car was mis-firing and that was making it overheat. Then the fusebox blew up and the fan couldn't turn on at all; I'm not sure if that happened independently or because of the other part. I have so many things I am thinking about all of this, but I won't post them here. At least I have a car again.

And I'm still sick. Friday I was so sick I cancelled Thanksgiving at my house. I am glad the horrible body aches and painful burning cough is gone, but I am still coughing so much that poor Matt slept downstairs for the last two nights. Luckily, he's not sick—he has a very strong constitution.

So today my goal is to do laundry and get ready for work starting again tomorrow.

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Sue McGettigan said...

Hope you're feeling all better now and ready for the next holiday coming at you!