Friday, November 10, 2006

Breakfast with "Joe"

Mornings in our house have been especially sweet lately. You see, we've been having breakfast with Joe. That's our secret code name for our new breadmaker, a Zojirushi brand.

For some silly reason while we waited for it to arrive in the mail, we started calling it "Joe Zarushi" instead of "Zojirushi". Yes, we're pretty hilarious around here, dontcha think?

Well, this breadmaker is fantastic and I would highly recommend this model. I am eating the most wonderful, thick slice of bread slathered with butter as I write. This breadmaker cost more than many other brands and it's as big as a tank, but it makes delicious bread with great texture and crust. I even messed up the recipe by forgetting the butter the first time and it was still great bread! So while you're eating your cold cereal tomorrow morning, just think of me—I'll be having breakfast with Joe!


Sue McGettigan said...

Mmm mmm mmm, fresh baked bread - luvverly!

Dymphie said...

your homemade bread looks very yummy!

Babsarella said...

Sounds yummy!!! I really like my breadmaker too, just don't make it as often as I'd like because then I'd have to eat it all!! Enjoy your breakfast!

Nancy James said...

breakfast with Joe looks wonderful!