Sunday, February 26, 2006

Incurable Packrat!

I admit it! I'm a packrat! It's a horrible disease and I've got it bad! Mom says I come by it honestly because my great aunt has it, my mother has it and now I've inherited it! I try so hard to not save everything and to purge when I can. It's a never-ending battle and I'm always on the losing side.

Especially with my craft supplies. I love crafting and have always done it. I always will. Even if I haven't croched or tatted for years, I know I will again someday. I have a closet full of craft stuff that rarely gets used. I have a room full of supplies that are for my current hobbies: Sewing, Stamping and Scrapbooking.

When I say current, I'm not sure how honest that is! I haven't really sewn anything for 2 years when I sewed the flower girl dresses for my wedding. I've machine-embroidered a couple of baby blankets and that is it! But April is Renaissance Faire season, so I know I will need to sew some new costume things this year. So, I can still call sewing current, right?

Today, I swore I was going to get rid of one of my large boxes of fabric I have stored. I have 5 of those plastic rubbermaid containers that sit in my room. They would be level with my crafting table if I only had 4 boxes. So I dutifully opened each box and sorted through them this morning. I sent one small bag back to Mom's because she is more likely to use it . One small bag will go to Goodwill. And one small bag has been cut up for RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) for my crafty friends.

Nope—I didn't get rid of even one box! But I was able to put the fabric that was sitting on top of the table away. Wish me luck with my sewing next month—maybe I will sew enough costume pieces that I can get rid of that pesky box!


SaltyLaurie said...

i'm a packrat too, especially with crafty things. and i always seem to find that, as soon as i get rid of something, i find something i need it for a few days later. murphy's law. :D

Nichole M said...

I think my pack rat-ness (is that a word?) is genetic. Honestly. My grandfather saved everything. Even down to used fishing line. When we moved three years ago, my husband had to *beg* me to throw out notes I was saving from high school. Yep... high school. And here I was, completely done with med school. The begging went on for a few days, but I finally gave in. Why did I think I would ever need those notes? I dunno. But just in case... ;-)

RheLynn said...

it is so hard to keep craft supplies organized -- especially because if you're really into it, you keep pulling it out again and again! At least, that is me ;o)

Glad you liked the kitten pictures! The grey one is really a little doll (personality-wise too!) -- I hope she gets a good home next week!