Tuesday, August 28, 2007

California Vacation - Day 6 - Sunday - San Diego

We are off to the San Diego Zoo. We stop and have breakfast in Old Town, San Diego and oh, do I love the breakfast margaritas at the Coyote Cafe! Luckily for us, Manami likes Mexican food since it's our favorite! We walk around town for a bit and do some window shopping. Manami buys a little Mexican baby dress for a souvenir.

After that, it's time for the zoo. The zoo is hot and crowded, but we all love to see the animals. We skipped the pandas because it was way too crowded and they just saw pandas in the Osaka Zoo. We watch the hippos, polar bears and primates. We saw one of the tigers, but he was pretty hidden. I love the aviary, and it was nice and cool there, so we made sure to enjoy that! At the very end, we got to see some of the mounted police and Manami was very impressed with them!

Layout is made with papers are from Ashalee Wall's Dark Solids kit and swirls are from her brown stamps kit (colorized) available at Oscraps. Fonts are Follies LET, Formal Script, and Eras Medium ITC.


Angelina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Seems like you had some great time!! I also posted a comment at the 2peas link... but then I thought maybe you don't check them anymore.. so here again! Loved the ATC of the Marvelles. Angelina

colleeeen said...

Lianna, i foooound you!

i have an old email address that i don't think is yours anymore. drop me a line, i still have the old address. i have an extremely boring blog right here on blogger, too.

(your ex roomie, with the devil children)