Saturday, May 05, 2007

Big Buddha Complex

Well, when I last left off we were still on day one of our trip to Japan. We were in Nara and I was arguing with the guys about big buddha. I swore the one we were looking at was terribly big and there's no way there would be a bigger buddha! Well was I ever wrong!

As we walked up the path of the complex I could tell it was something special. There were lots more people up there for one thing. And the entry gate was huge! It was guarded by a couple of forebooding wooden statues.

Then we saw the building; which was enormous. We knew then that this was a really special place.

Todai-Ji is the world's largest wooden structure, according to the guidebook.

Temple Entrance

Big Buddha Himself. Notice the top of everyone's heads--Buddha is about seven feet higher than us. He's a 53-foot bronze Buddha. Daibutsu is the largest Bronze statue in the world and is 1,200 years old. It was really dark inside and it was snowing outside so there wasn't much sun to help with this photo. Sorry it's blurry.

Here's one of the guardians behind Buddha.

I'm not quite sure what this represents--it is a statue in front of the entrance. If anyone knows--please share!

Thanks to the person who took a photo of the three of us--Matt, Lianna & Johnny!


Sue McGettigan said...

Now THAT is a big Buddha!! :)

nichole m said...

these pictures are amazing! Looks like a fabulous place to visit!