Saturday, March 04, 2006

Finished Product!

Whew! I finally had time to scan my photos and finish my layout! I started on this intending to use photos of my great-grandfather holding two of his grandkids; my mom and her cousin. But when I went through the photos, I could only find one of the photos.

Instead I found two fabulous photos of my great aunt in about 1950. She lived in Tokyo with her husband who was in the army. She is modeling a kimono! While I would love to see a color picture of this, the sepia-toned and aged photo is so delicate and beautiful looking! I really love these photos and I think they went perfectly with the coloring and round shapes in the background sketch I used.

Once I knew I would use these photos, I just had to use that awesome Kanji brush-stamp that I had in my digital collection. I really love that this is heritage and Japanese at the same time!


Fhung said...

Oh my Lianna! This is TERRIFIC!!! Love everything about this layouts! Beautiful! Gorgeous! :)

Nichole M said...

What amazing photos you have of your aunt! And I love how your layout doesn't detract from their simple beauty. :-)

Tracy said...

This LO looks GREAT! You're lucky to have such wonderful keepsake photos.